A Better Tool for Users on the Go

Posted by: GLOS_Admin June 16, 2017

The GLOS data portal is a powerful tool for people seeking Great Lakes environmental data. The ability to add a MyGLOS account makes it even more useful, and it’s free to anyone who wants to use it. But sometimes you just want a direct connection to one buoy.

For users who are seeking specific buoy data on the go, GLOS introduces the Great Lakes Buoy Portal. Users can go to for easy access to their favorite data stations. Besides being specific in mission, the site is optimized for mobile devices. No more pinching, no more scrolling. Just find your buoy and let the data flow.

Next time you’re heading out on the water, try And like we do with all new GLOS products, we seek your feedback on your experience. Tell us what you like or what you expected but didn’t see. Your feedback directly impacts features we do or don’t include in our data offerings. That’s how a data sharing community gets things done.