Posted by: GLOS_Admin February 26, 2021

    We are hiring a full-time cyberinfrastructure manager who will support: – Operations. – System management. – DevOps. – Scripting. – Maintenance and software updates. – Data and information management. – More. Learn more and apply

    An underwater glider
    Posted by: GLOS_Admin February 12, 2021

    This month, with GLOS support, the Real-time Aquatic Environmental Research Network (RAEON), added a member to their staff to help establish an emerging underwater glider program. Cailin Burmaster, formerly of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was brought on to oversee
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    Posted by: GLOS_Admin January 26, 2021

    Observing Technology Manager Shelby Brunner helped to deploy and manage Green Bay buoy 45014 during her research and study at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since it first hit the water almost a decade ago, the buoy has contributed invaluable data
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    Posted by: GLOS_Admin January 7, 2021

    2020 was a big year at GLOS. New staff, observing system upgrades, and lakefloor mapping projects marked the year as one of big change and exciting new possibilities for the region. Read the annual report here. 

    A flyer for an upcoming discussion hosted by GLOS and Mazarine Ventures
    Posted by: GLOS_Admin October 19, 2020

    GLOS CIO Tim Kearns joined in the discussion for this “repartee-style” event centered around imagining the impact of “a decentralized model for water quality testing, data, information and more.” This was a no-PowerPoint, open conversation featuring: John Robinson (Moderator) of Mazarine Ventures
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    Posted by: GLOS_Admin September 18, 2020

      Buoys aren’t the only thing collecting data while floating through Great Lakes waters. Researchers also use robotic underwater gliders that travel for miles to collect data on organic matter, conductivity, oxygen content, and more, sometimes staying out for three
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    Posted by: GLOS_Admin August 24, 2020

    Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 This virtual conference will bring together science and research, policy, government, and industry professionals to: Focus on Great Lakes marine mapping and observation data. Develop a strategy to catalog new and existing lakebed information for
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