IOOS DMAC Code Sprint


Code SprintTHANK YOU 2019 Participants!

Over 45 participants representing IOOS regional associations, partners, vendors, and other “friends of IOOS” from the US, Canada, and beyond came together to tackle some tough ocean and Great Lake data management problems and develop some new tools and capabilities.

Overall Schedule

Summary and Outcomes

Final Report-Out Session: Slide Deck | Session Recording

Tutorial 1: Python Software Packaging, GitHub Workflows for R and Python – Filipe Fernandes, IOOS/SECOORA: Slide Deck | Session Recording

Tutorial 2: Docker CLI Usage and DMAC Software Deployment – Ben Adams, RPS ASA: Slide Deck | Session Recording

Pangeo Workshop – Rich Signell, U.S. Geological Survey: Slide Deck | Session Recording

Day 1 Lightning Talk: Slide Deck | Session Recording

Day 2 Lightning Talk: Slide Deck | Session Recording


Code Sprint Sprinters Code Sprint Sign Filipe Fernandes Code Sprint Ben Adams Code Sprint

Dates: Tuesday Oct 8 to Thursday Oct 10 2019, 9AM – 5PM.

Location: Cahoots in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Questions? Email Micah Wengren ( and David Fitch (