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Mon., May 2Tips for Clean Boating: Boaters can make a big difference when it comes to keeping waterways clean.  

Wed., May 4, Dams: The Good and the Bad: Dams provide many important benefits to society, but the benefits must be balanced with the impact on river ecosystems.

Mon., May 9,  Algal Blooms: Harmful algal blooms are increasing in size and frequency, but they are reversible.

Thu., May 12, Pet Waste and Water: Dog waste has been linked to beach closures and drinking water contamination.

Tue., May 17, Saving Fresh Water Mussels: Mussels improve water quality by filtering contaminants along with their food.

Fri., May 20, Intersex Fish in Pennsylvania Waters: Male fish with female characteristics are showing up in PA waterways, causing concerns about water quality.

Wed., May 25, Fluctuating Lake Levels: The water levels in the Great Lakes fluctuate naturally throughout the year.