What is GLOS?

GLOS is one of 11 Regional Associations of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®), working to enhance the ability to collect, deliver, and use ocean and Great Lakes information. IOOS is a partnership among federal, regional, academic and private sector parties that works to provide new tools and forecasts to improve safety, enhance the economy, and protect our environment.

How can I add my data to the GLOS portal?

The GLOS portal ( provides access to many different categories of data using web-based data services. If you have data that you think others would like to access freely, please send information to

What type of Data is GLOS looking for?

GLOS is looking for data about the Great Lakes that help to improve safety, to enhance the economy, and to protect our environment. GLOS currently provides access to near-realtime measurement from buoys and other observation platforms, models predicting future water conditions, satellite data, and more. If you have a data set you think may be relevant, please send information to data_submittals@glos,us..

How will my data be used if I submit to GLOS?

If you have relevant data, we will first work with you to identify the best way to make your data accessible through GLOS, Once your data are submitted to GLOS, it will be made available through tools and products like the GLOS data catalog and data portal. Once made available, GLOS does not control end users’ applications for the data.

What are your data sharing policies?

Unless otherwise directed by you, your data will be made fully available to end users. There are some possible options to block or limit downloads of particular datasets.

How do I cite data from the GLOS portal?

GLOS generally provides end users with information about the provenance of data shown in the GLOS portal. This information generally includes a link back to the original owner of the data. GLOS is working on making annotated “permalink”s available that combine provenance information with a hyperlink that provides access to the data.

Can GLOS help me manage my data?

GLOS supports the adoption and implementation of practices that promote discoverability, access, transparency, curation, and sustainability of datasets. In this role, GLOS can provide a wide range of support to data owners ranging from advice on development of appropriate workflows and tools that allow the owner to make data available, to direct support of data management through contracted assumption of all data responsibilities from ingestion to display to archiving. Please e-mail if you’d like to learn more.

I want to support GLOS, what are my options?

Becoming a member of the Great Lakes data sharing community is the best way to contribute to GLOS. You can add your data to the GLOS collection, utilize the GLOS data catalog, become a member or attend an event.

How to I apply for a GLOS grant?

GLOS posts notice when funds become available. A competitive process takes place to award grants.