Meet GLOS: Sneha Bhadbhade

Posted by: GLOS_Admin March 13, 2018

From time to time GLOS features a board, staff, or community member so we get the faces behind the data points. Today we introduce GLOS fellow Sneha Bhadbhade.

“I am originally from Udaipur, a beautiful city in India also called city of lakes. After completing my Bachelor’s in Information Technology at the University of Pune, India, I worked at Capgemini as a SAP consultant. At Capgemini, I was working mostly as a software developer, although I got to do a bit of project management and analytics. I bring with me four years of experience in ERP software industry.

Since my under graduation, I have always been enthusiastic to learn more about the growing field of data science, strategic thinking and game theory, which brought me to University of Michigan, where I completed my Master’s in Information Science. During my master’s, I worked on several fun projects based on data analytics and machine learning. I also took courses on project management and business strategies.

I joined GLOS as a data management fellow because of the tremendous amount of data it offers to the community for research and other purposes. As a data enthusiast, I try my best to keep learning new and better ways to convert the data into meaningful and useful information to better serve our communities and nations. Since I come from a technical background, I aim to bring not only new techniques and ideas but also creativity and innovation into the current data management framework at GLOS. I’m also excited about understanding the needs of the users and stakeholders at GLOS and deliver a product that serves them in a new and improved way.

Apart from technology, I love to read and talk about spirituality, philosophy and different cultures around the world. I love to travel and especially like to visit places that are serene, calm and offer delicious local foods. I like to learn and try new hobbies in my spare time, and am currently learning yoga, meditation and painting.”


Sneha has been helping GLOS with metrics and analytics, among other things.