The GLOS logo


The GLOS logo represents the Great Lakes Observing System.

GLOS is a part of the Great Lakes data sharing community, and the logo should be included in all products in which GLOS data is involved. In order to identify and grow the GLOS brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used to indicate GLOS ownership, presence or involvement. When displaying the GLOS logo, please follow our standards. Additional guidelines regarding the logo’s appearance are given below:

The Standard Logo


The Standard Logo – grayscale


Download JPG and EPS horizontal logos: GLOS logo Horizontal


PMS colors 287C, 632C




Square grayscale


Download the GLOS logo square: GLOS logo square


There should be sufficient clear space around the logo. Please do not manipulate the GLOS logo. For alternative presentations or formats contact

Complementary Font

While not the font in the logo, GLOS uses Roboto in adjacent materials.