Protected: An Early Warning System Prototype


HAB info from sensor data to your smartphone

Watch it work:

This prototype is meant to prove one thing: that we can deliver actionable information right to people’s mobile devices by:

  1. Transmitting data from a sensor or model output to the cloud.
  2. Automatically processing it to see if a threshold is crossed.
  3. Sending an alert to the phone of the person who needs to know.

This prototype system is just that: a proof of concept for the rest of the Early Warning System project. So, don’t get too attached.

Here’s what we’re doing over the next two years:

  1. Back-end: building a robust, smart system that brings in more data from buoys, computer models, water samples and other sources and sends out actionable intelligence right where and when it’s use.
  2. Community: surveying and interviewing those who live, work, and drink water around the western basin.
  3. Observing system: maintaining the sensors that are already out there and developing new ways to get important data into the system.


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