Thanks to our board

Posted by: GLOS_Admin February 9, 2018

At the Great Lakes Observing System we are always evaluating products and services, but we’re only three people, and we are lucky to have the support of a much larger community. Our first line of defense is our board of directors. As we head into another busy season on the lakes we’d encourage you to review our board membership to see who is advising staff, and see from which industries they hail. We’re mindful of having representatives from different groups of stakeholders, and we’re pleased to have engaged, diverse set of advisers. See details here.


Dr. Jennifer Boehme, International Joint Commisssion

Dr. Nancy Frank, Department of Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Lynne Chaimowitz, City of Ann Arbor

Tracy Mehan, III, American Water Works Association

Pete Giencke, Google

Randall Helland, RC Helland Consulting

Bob Lambe, Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Thomas Rayburn, Lake Carriers’ Association

Caitlin Gould, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Jolena Presti, Vandewalle & Associates

Dr. Aaron Fisk, University of Windsor